Milena Consulting, Inc. is a woman-owned consulting firm that specializes in all aspects of relational databases and client/server applications design and development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and GroupWare solutions. Founded in 1998, the company presently maintains office in Maryland. The company's consultants have worked with numerous customers to develop and implement quality client/server applications for a wide variety of industries and needs. Milena Consulting, Inc. places a strong emphasis on continuing training and education, and this ensures that its consultants are current in the latest advances in technology and methodology.

In addition to having one of the most qualified staffs available, Milena Consulting, Inc. maintains relationships and strategic alliances with several other consulting firms, sub-contractors, and vendors. These partnerships allow the company to provide a complete and comprehensive set of services to its clients.
As evidenced by the long-term relationships that the company maintains with its clients, Milena Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to providing excellent service and support. Its clients are leaders among their respective industries, and the applications that Milena Consulting, Inc. develops and supports are often mission-critical. Milena's technical expertise is second to none, and its consultants have successfully developed and implemented client/server applications over a wide range of platforms and environments.